About Chris Curry

Chris Curry is a real estate broker with Curry Team Realty, LLC. He was born in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois in the 1980s and his parents moved to Florida in 1989.

In the start of 2009, Chris and his brother, Ben focused all of their efforts on selling short sales in Gainesville, FL.

Chris Curry decided, at a young age, that he wanted to make selling real estate a career. Being raised in a large family (9 siblings) of salespeople, he learned to work hard at everything he did.

Less than one week after his 18th birthday in 1998, Chris passed the Florida State Realtor Exam, and became involved with a local real estate firm. Three years later, he decided that he wanted to sell in two markets-Gainesville and Lake City, Florida.

The Curry Team is a family ran business. In 2002 his father, Jim, sister Joy, and brother Ben, joined forces to comprise what is now known as the “CURRY TEAM.”

Now at age 30 Chris feels like it just time to start to grow and has big plan in 2011 to continue to grow and provide better customer service to create RAVING FANS!

Track Record:

• Over 12 years of real estate experience
• 3,250+ families helped with an excess of $300,000,000 SOLD