3 Tips For Beating The Housing Market And Selling


Three Tips For Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

Following these tips will make as much as a 5 to 10 percent difference in your sale price.  We’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars.  So why only THREE tips you ask?  Well, these 3 tips are the BIG ones that can really make a difference.  This information is based off of selling thousands of homes.  This is important information that will make a ton of money in your pocket.

The first Tip is Make A Good First Impression.  Sound crazy?  It makes all the difference.  The very first second that the realtor steps up to and opens the door to your home, the buyer is looking around immediately and taking in their first impression.  Paint the front door.  They spend between two and three minutes while at the front door when the realtor opens it.  Seeing that the door is fresh, clean and well kept makes a great first impression to the buyer, giving them a sign that you pay attention to the little things and keep things well maintained.  Also, you probably already have been told this and know this but remove the clutter from around the home and around the front door.  Don’t leave piles of kids stuff or books, leaves on the lawn, toys on the porch, etc.  Clutter is an instant turn-off to a buyer.  It makes the home seem uncared for and also makes it appear smaller in some cases.  You also want to make sure you leave on the lights and open the blinds and curtains.  Even if it’s 120°F out, leave open the blinds and curtains.  Your home needs to be bright, cheery, and open.  You may end up spending an extra $100 or $200 in extra electricity that month; but that extra few hundred could very possibly bring $10,000 to $20,000 into your pocket in the end.

Our second Tip is to make “you” go on vacation.  You may be saying “what?” but what we mean is this… remove stuff that is “kid smelling” and anything that’s “animal smelling”.  Hide “your” stuff.  Clean your carpet.  Pick up your stuff each day.  Out of the hundreds of buyers we take through homes each month I can’t tell you how many make the comment, “I can’t believe the homeowners would leave their house in such a mess!”  A clean, clutter free home without a lot of personal items and things that leave negative smells and feelings will turn off the buyers instantly.  Instead, make your home look like a picture and smell like “comfort.”  They want to be able to picture “their” stuff in the house, not yours.  They want to walk in and smell something that makes them feel comfortable and warm in your home.  Remember, houses are bought on emotion and feeling.  If someone walks in and feels instantly comfortable it can only work to your advantage.

The last tip is to get those pictures, videos and glowing descriptions right!  A good picture is worth a 1,000 words which can only mean that a good video has to be worth a million words.  If you were to tell somebody, “I saw the neatest thing yesterday!  There was this big horse next to this tiny horse!” they’d probably say, “What?” and think you were crazy being so excited about it.  However if you had a picture of it you could show them how tiny this miniature horse looked standing next to a regular horse, the picture would do the words justice and get the point across completely.  Just as if you were to explain how a huge whale came up next to your boat and it was so much bigger than the boat; a video would truly show the size, the nearness of the creature, and give the immediate feeling of the moment you speak of.  Offering excellent, quality pictures over just using a descriptive text and offering a video tour over still pictures are two of the smartest things you can do when selling your home. 

Don’t offer an “old school” virtual tour.  You want a video tour, walking through the home.  Video is a huge advantage when selling your home.  The fact is we had a home that sold for $20,000 more than what had previously listed at, just because the new agent took better pictures and video of the home.  It’s the little things that make the difference.  But the truth is video is not a little thing when it comes to selling your home.  It can give the buyer a true feeling inside of them that makes them want to go see for themselves.  Of course, if you’ve followed the other tips your chances of making this visit a pay-off are even more likely!

You might be thinking that “Wow, this is some great information and but why are they offering it me at no cost?”  The truth is we want to make sure that you have a GOOD experience, no matter who you work with as a realtor.  We believe that getting this information out there in the marketplace makes it so everybody wins.  We want everyone to be informed and be able to have the best opportunity possible, utilizing what we’ve offered you.  Although don’t forget, selling homes is our business and it’s how we pay our bills.  So we would love to have the opportunity to make your buying or selling experience a good one.  If you need any help in buying or selling a home please feel free to contact us, either by phone or email.  We love what we do and in the end it shows!  Give us a call!