Like most home shoppers, location tops the list of priorities. So how do you buy a home long-distance if you planning to move to another state? As an out-of-state buyer, you are faced with disadvantages like not knowing the state laws, where the best neighborhoods for you are located, or where a reputable real estate [read more]

With a green home your marketing needs to be different than what you would do for a typical home. Standard homes compete on comparable price and desirable features, like counter-tops or new flooring. Green homes compete on energy savings and less toxins and have more options available and more opportunities to build value above and [read more]

Investing in rental properties can provide steady, passive income when the housing market is slow, allowing you to sell for a profit over time when conditions are right. Being a landlord is not for everyone, but an investment property can provide stability and income, and a number of other advantages. So, if you have decided [read more]

Many homeowners, as an effort to avoid foreclosure, market their homes as a short sale. You can find a investment-worthy deals on houses headed for default.

You will be helping remove the financial burden from the previous owners and you most likely avoid some of the entanglements of a foreclosed property – e.g., a [read more]

Inheriting property that you have no vested interest in can present some unwanted challenges to you, so selling the property promptly may be the best solution.

Whether you are the executor of the estate or a sideline family member, staying on top of the property’s financial state regarding taxes and liens is imperative [read more]